Opportunity Evaluation

Every day, we see the emergence of innovative business models and strategies, revolutionizing inventions, and globally transformative technologies. Mixed into the rapidly changing commercial landscape are inevitable trends that surface in popular culture. There is a definitive line between trends and sustainability, and Reimagine Repurpose is dedicated to helping clients develop sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities.

An opportunity evaluation consists of the following components:
  • Develop data driven proof of how the opportunity demonstrates the ability to create social, environmental, and economic value
  • Develop a thorough understanding of how the end product will be differentiated in the marketplace
  • Prove that the opportunity presents a viable solution to a common need expressed by a market population significant enough to maintain financial sustainability
  • Conceptualize the design and implementation of the project to ensure the project can be completed with no less than 50% recycled materials and life-time costs will provide the client with significant cost benefits
Individuals or organizations with potential opportunities are welcome to contract Reimagine Repurpose to complete an evaluation without the obligation to contract further services. Reimagine Repurpose will outline the processes our teams can pursue in the evaluation and create a service that meets the budgetary needs of the prospective client.

Market Evaluation

The initial phase of a Reimagine Repurpose market evaluation is defining the proven target market for the product or service and locating a definitive point of market entry. Once a project’s target market is defined, Reimagine Repurpose conducts a competitive analysis, accessing the strengths and weaknesses of all direct competitors and substitutes. Armed with the knowledge of competitors and substitutes, Reimagine Repurpose establishes a detailed set of goals aiming to outperform the project’s competition in at least one distinct attribute desired by consumers. Finally, a definitive cost analysis will be conducted to ensure that the development and delivery of the final product can sustain profits with a price point that the market will embrace.


Location Evaluation

For any Reimagine Repurpose project, location is key to our clients and partners reaching financial sustainability and developing revenue as soon as possible.

The methods employed to choose specific project locations are as follows:

  • For those small business pursuits that require a physical location to serve customers –such as athletic facilities, cafes, and custom tradeshops—Reimagine Repurpose utilizes data completed during the market evaluation to pinpoint the location where the enterprise will most effectively reach a target market. Within a specific radius of this location, which will depend on size and profile metrics of consumer base, a vacant, abandoned, or decommissioned structural entity will be chosen that can be efficiently redesigned and retrofitted for the specific purposes of the project
  • Industrial or manufacturing based projects will first utilize market data to recognize multiple locations for product development; these locations will stand out for their ability to facilitate cost effective and environmentally conscious product fulfillment. With the initial locations chosen, Reimagine Repurpose will utilize data and community outreach initiatives to understand the social and economic state of each location, as well as the current skill-sets of the local workforce to meet project goals. Out of the multiple locations researched, our goal is to place projects in locations where facilities have the greatest local economic and social impacts

Sustainability Forecasting & Timeline

Reimagine Repurpose places great emphasis on completing a thorough overview of the timeline and benchmarks required for our clients and partners to achieve sustainability and profitability. Most new ventures understand that there will be a lag in market acceptance and that a break-even point or profit point will not be met for some time; however, the amount of time needed to reach these points is always underestimated. Reimagine Repurpose develops a thorough understanding of capital requirements needed to meet an extended timeline of break-even and profit benchmarks; also, the timeline is aided by the fact that all Reimagine Repurpose projects utilize pre-existing resources and energy efficient systems that keep overhead costs at a minimum. In short, all Reimagine Repurpose clients and partners will enter projects with a realistic understanding of when they can begin to see their projects become financially self-sufficient and when they can expect profits.


Project Network Development

A principal objective of every Reimagine Repurpose project is to change the lives of as many individuals as possible by offering motivated people the opportunity to do exciting and challenging work in the reuse / redesign space . While developing the network for our projects, Reimagine Repurpose is looking for the following individuals:

  • People who are passionate about environmental and sustainability concerns
  • People who are driven to create and build solutions
  • People who want to own / operate exciting businesses and whose unique skill-sets directly connect to projects
  • Skilled individuals close to a project location who want to receive good compensation for challenging work
  • Companies in industries such as construction and information technology who are willing to participate in the integrated design process of creating projects
  • Individuals with knowledge and backgrounds that are valuable to project success
  • Individuals and organizations interested in forming the financial foundation for projects they are passionate about
Individuals or organizations that add value to a project through knowledge and resources will be able to devote energies or knowledge to a project / invest financially in exchange for equity matching their level of contribution. As a result, those in charge of the day-to-day operations will have a diverse network of individuals and organizations to contact when problems arise; we see this as being a paramount feature of sustainability as so many small businesses fail in the first years because they are not surrounded by a robust network of seasoned mentors who are invested in their success

Project Infrastructure Development

Reimagine Repurpose utilizes a broad network and research to help clients and partners plug in cost-effective solutions to those areas of a project that are more efficiently outsourced. Before an outside supplier or contractor search is begun, Reimagine Repurpose completes a thorough overview of how the outsourced service needs to be performed in order to organically mesh with the infrastructure of the project and the people involved in the day-to-day operations. Examples of outsourced services recommended to clients and partners are accounting, information technology, and online order fulfillment services.


Project Implementation

Reimagine Repurpose utilizes integrated design methods to keep project development costs down and streamline efficiency. Integrated design incorporates everyone involved in the development and completion of a project at the onset of the design phase to ensure elements flow together in an integrated collection; too often, tasks or steps are developed and completed independently, resulting in continuity issues. Reimagine Repurpose has developed integrated design implementation techniques to help clients and partners foster integrated design relationships and create proactive partnerships that effectively navigate project evolution.

Corporate Culture Development

Reimagine Repurpose is dedicated to projects with social, economic, and environmental roots and has developed methods for teaching corporate culture foundations that foster these elements. The cornerstones of our corporate culture method are problem solving and innovative thinking; more precisely, behaviors that embrace repurposing and retrofitting as more efficient means to overcoming problems. In connection, dominant organizations thrive off corporate cultures where all employees are recognized and rewarded for locating inefficiencies and/or solving concerns that hinder sustainability and financial goals --our methods help clients and partners effectively engage employees and maintain a proactive employee environment. Reimagine Repurpose has many activities and workshops to help partners and clients assimilate their teams towards the corporate culture necessary to reach these goals and develop them over time.


Pre-existing Product or Infrastructure Retrofitting

All successful businesses recognize when change is necessary, change is demanded by a variety of different market factors and can often be solved by resources a business already has at their disposal. Reimagine Repurpose develops solutions for businesses by conducting employee interviews and equipment and/or facility evaluations in order to develop a blueprint that will cost effectively meet client goals with in-house infrastructure or repurposed equipment.

Methods and Solutions in this process include but are not limited to:
  • Locating production and customer service bottlenecks
  • Accessing floor design and workstation placements for efficiency
  • Pinpointing inefficient equipment and evaluating potential for efficiency and reliability modifications
  • Pinpointing equipment that cannot meet efficiency needs and locating second-hand equipment that can be rebuilt, modified, or retrofitted to meet expectations
  • Understanding operational energy usage and evaluating the potential cost-savings from alternative sources
  • Staging trial experiments of solutions to test for efficiency