What is Design Thinking ?

Design thinking is a multi-layered process of developing insight through observation and interviews, integrating research, and utilizing the perspectives of many disciplines to create valuable solutions. The coining of the term “design thinking” and the structure of its core methodologies began at IDEO –a firm that utilizes design thinking techniques to solve simple to complex problems ranging from consumer goods development to global health solutions. The modifications made to major consumer products via design thinking have not been ornamental, rather they’ve been solutions to major functional problems that caused the product to fall short of delivering a quality user experience. Those solutions reflect the ability of design thinking to eliminate interferences that limit the consumers’ ability to maximize the benefits from a product or service.

What we do at Reimagine Repurpose

Reimagine Repurpose utilizes design thinking methodologies to develop multiple solutions for any given resource; providing our clients with value creation options to better fit their goals.

How we are different

Where Reimagine Repurpose differs in its utilization of design thinking is in the application of integrated design as a means of understanding the cost structures of each solution.

Integrated Design

Integrated design occurs after the conceptual framework of a solution is created and utilizes the perspectives of all those involved in bringing that solution to reality to formulate the most efficient and sustainable way of creating that product.

Data Analytics

Of the perspectives included in the integrated design phase, data analytics allows Reimagine Repurpose to develop multifaceted projections about the life-time feasibility and cost forecast of solutions utilizing current data sets.

Our Goal

The goal of Reimagine Repurpose is to develop substantial solutions that deliver exponential gains for every dollar invested.